An interview with Ruth Big Muscles

Ruth Big Muscles is a session wrestler, dominatrix and bodybuilder. She doesn’t compete, but trains to be as big as possible in order to dominate better. I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about strength, muscles, and dominating small guys... Enjoy!

ruth big muscles female domination

Please tell us your measurements? (height, weight…)

  • Height: 1.63cm
  • Weight:  77 kg (I’d like to get 85 kg and am on the way).
  • Biceps: 43 cm
  • Forearms: 31 cm (and I have huge and incredibly strong hands)
  • Quads: 68 cm
  • Calves: 39-40 cm
  • Age: 42 (2017)

Do you like to be strong? What exactly do you like about it?
The feeling of getting stronger every day is addictive. I really like the feeling when my muscles are big and pumped. And I love the level of hardness that I can reach in my muscles when I flex and touch them. 
Obviously I also love to be worshipped and to dominate. I’ve been working out for 23 years. I love sessions with guys who are very weak and skinny. Yes, I’m the girl you dream about: I have huge muscles and I love to use them for domination!!

I really enjoy feeling my huge and hard body on top of a skinny little man. I imagine all the things that I can do with him. I start slow, to get an idea of his level of experience. If he is experienced, weak, and submissive, the session is perfect. 

Would you say you are stronger than many regular guys? If so, do you like that? And what exactly do you like about it?
When I was growing bigger, I started to notice that all the normal guys were weaker than me. The pleasure in dominating them followed.I think when one is big and strong it’s easy to wake up to a fantasy of dominating the weak, and getting pleasure out of it. 
I really like to bear hug someone that is so skinny that you can see his ribs. It’s wonderful to see my big powerful arms around their little waist. It’s one of my favorite holds.

Do you have any fighting skills?
In the past I did full contact sports, at intermediate level. I’ve also done some boxing, and some self-defense. These days I practise jiu-jitsu two times a week. It’s my preferred form of martial arts because it allows me really well to dominate. My teacher is impressed with my skills.

Do you ever flex in public?
Yes, sometimes I like to roll up my sleeve and show the mass of my big arm. I also like it when people come up to me and ask me to do that.

Have you ever been in a situation that was for real, where you really had to defend yourself against guys? Have you ever hurt a guy?
I’ve never been in that situation. There’s never been a man who wanted to fight me. Maybe I’m lucky, as there are a lot of crazy people in this world.
In the gym I challenge a lot of guys to wrestle on the tatami or to train with me. I remember one situation in which a guy joked that he could win from me in an armwrestling match on the mat. It ended badly for him. I completely put him to shame. In the end I used my weight to crush him. I used my big arms to get him in a headlock. He couldn’t do anything and I could see the fear in his eyes. I’m sure he’ll remember it for the rest of his life.

ruth big muscles bodybuilder


What's a good memory of a fight than a guy? How was it?
I’ve had a lot of these moments in my sessions. The last one was in a muscle comparison session with a guy who weighed just 51 kg. It was incredible to feel his weak and little hands touching my huge back. When I hugged him, he was totally envelopped by me. I was thinking that I could crush his body with just a fraction of my strength. I told him that and started to hug him even harder. His head was so deep in my chest. We both were enjoying this so much that we stayed in this position for the rest of the session. The hug was very hard an painful for him, but like me he was loving it. He got all sweaty and exhausted from trying to escape and his face was totally red.

He told me that it is very difficult to breathe when you are immobilized and crushed by all this musclemass. It was one of the most brutal and enjoyable sessions I ever head. I could hear his bones making a noise under my pressure and could feel how he was suffering, even though I was only using a little bit of my strength.

This muscle-prison situation is one of my favorites. I usually end up in this position whenever a person wants to worship my muscles. 

ruth big muscles

Can you tell us what you feel when you dominate? What are the thoughts that go through your head? The thoughts that excite you?
I think I already answered this, but I can keep talking about it. I love to show my superiority and do whatever I want. For instance I like to cover a guy’s nose and mouth with one of my thick hands, while I crush his head against my chest. I control his breathing that way.

After that I crush his ribs with a body scissors and again control his breath at the same time. I also like foot fetish fantasies combined with muscle worship, and lift and carry.
I like to lift guys with one arm to show my power.

Do you enjoy being bigger than guys?
Yes, I love it, it’s another aspect related to domination. I’d love to be taller though, and even stronger. But it doesn’t really matter. I also wrestle with tall guys and when they fall on the mat, they become my little rabbit. It’s a pleasure to overpower tall males too. I’m thinking like: ‘I’m crushing this slim, tall guy’.

ruth big muscles

You are one in a million, but there are thousands of guys looking for a woman like you. what would be your advice to them?
There are indeed very few women like me. My advice would be to be careful: if you like a dominant musclewoman who plays rough, she’ll always want more. Better watch out!

Do you like the feeling that a man fears you?
Oh yes, I love to see the fear. That happens mostly when the guy has no experience with muscular women. When I see the fear, I immediately take control and continue to intimidate him even more...


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