An interview with Muscle Maria

It was only recently that I discovered Muscle Maria, and when I did, I wondered why I had never seen her before. I was struck by the amazing body and the beautiful face that I saw in the pictures on her Instagram account. And more than that: I was pleasantly surprised that that same account was also full of pics of female domination! Reason enough for me to approach Muscle Maria and ask her if she wanted to answer some questions. She was kind enough to do so, so here we go...

May we know your stats?

I'm 5’ 7” 43 years old and I don't take measurements. If a man must know...I'm just bigger than him. He might have an opportunity to do the measuring.

Do you like to be strong? what exactly do you like about it?

I do like being strong. Having the ability to effectively defend myself; showing that women can be and are strong - I love it.

Would you say you are stronger than many regular guys? If so, do you like that? And what exactly do you like about it?

I’m equally strong as some regular guys and much stronger than some. I LOVE that! I don't need a man to move furniture or carry my groceries. It's not just physical but quite psychological. Society portrays women as being weak needing men to rescue them. Me being physically and mentally strong proves societies brainwashing theory wrong.

Do you have any fighting skills? wrestling, martial arts, kickboxing… if so, what level are you, how long have you done it

I am a Brawler. Level survive by any means necessary. I've been doing it since birth.

muscle maria bodybuilder

Do you ever flex in public?

ABSOLUTELY. Men will stare at me especially because of my big arms. So I will flex my muscles teasing them showing them what they wish they could touch. Casually flexing my biceps and triceps when I'm getting in/out of my car. While standing in line at the grocery store or bank,  I'll expand and flex my lats. Running my hands down my thick thighs squeezing them and commenting how hard they feel. Just making onlookers drool. And the money shot, standing in the middle of the mall for a sweet double biceps.

Have you ever been in a situation that was for real, where you really had to defend yourself against guys? Have you ever hurt a guy?

Yes. I think a majority of young women/women have been in a situation(s) where they have had to defend themselves. And yes, I've had to hurt a guy. Shit gets real.

Can you tell us what you feel when you dominate? what are the thoughts that go through your head? the thoughts that excite you?

*I feel like I'm myself. This is who/what I am. A dominant being. I was born this way. When I dominate a man, I will make him feel how it is to be a woman.  He will also understand I am superior to him and to be in my presence is a privilege.  Staring down at him as he worships me. Begging me for mercy and not to completely destroy him. Knowing he's yearning for me to endlessly peg him. The look on his face while I'm choking him. When I dominate these are some of the thoughts and things that excite me.

Do you enjoy being taller than guys? how does it feel to be towering above the little ones?

They're still men so they'll get the same treatment.

You are one in a million, but there are thousands of guys looking for a woman like you. what would be your advice to them?

If they're looking to date a woman like me, just approach her in a respectful way. If she's not interested, at least this way if you don't get a girlfriend you might gain a strong bff.

muscle maria bodybuilder

What do you think in general about tall women and short guys? can tall women be convinced to date short men?

The heart knows what the heart wants. Every woman has the right to choose what's best for herself. No convincing required.

If a submissive man would like to date you, how would he best go about it?

First, I'd have to see if I could have a lasting connection to him. Then, he’d have to prove he’s capable of being a submissive I would date.

How do you enjoy flexing for guys, and showing your muscles

Euphoric, erotic and orgasmic. I love it!

Do you like the feeling that a man fears you?

Yes. A fear that makes him desire what I am.

Thank you, Maria, for answering these questions!

You can see more pictures of Muscle Maria and follow her on Instagram here.

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