An Interview with Claudia Partenza

Claudia Partenza is a bodybuilder from Italy, who features regularly in domination and wrestling videos on Awefilms and other places. I asked her some questions...


claudia partenza bodybuilder

When did you start with bodybuilding and why?
I started bodybuilding when I was thirty years old, after two pregnancies. I wanted to get in shape and feel energetic again. I have always practiced a lot of sports and I couldn’t stop because of two babies.

Do you like to be strong? What do you like about it?
I first and foremost like having a muscular body, as I think it represent beauty both in women and men too. More muscles means more strength, and that too is very exciting. It gives me self-confidence and makes me proud of myself.

Are you stronger than regular guys? If so, do you enjoy that?
Of course I’m stronger than regular guys. I enjoy that especially when they think they are stronger or when they feel like they are better than women. When I’m in gym, working out next next to one of these guys I love to see the way they look at me!

Do you have any fighting skills?
I have very few fighting skills. I did some kickboxing lessons only to refine my technique in fit-box, in wich was an instructor. I loved those lessons as an outlet for all my energy.

Do you sometimes measure your strength with guys?
I often measure my strength with guys. They often want to be lifted (the heaviest I lifted was 98 kg). They usually don’t lift me, as they are afraid to hurt their back. I do a lot of armwrestling and I almost always win. One guy tried to armwrestle me with two hands and still couldn’t win. I also did comparisons with power twister for the chest. I let the guy go first, and does 30 reps, I do 40, if he does 38 I do 48. My focus in my mind is always 10 times more than my opponent.

Do you sometimes wrestle or fight with guys?
I’ve never fought with someone in real life, I fight in worlds,I shout and I look into their eyes… It’s always enough to scare someone and convince them who is right. My ex husband could easily make me over-excited so that one time I punched and kicked him, finishing with a neck hold. The only downside for me was that I broke a nail (I have long nails!)

Can you tell us some fantasies about dominating guys?
I love show my power to a guy, make him feel inferior, hold him and in the meantime doing some victory poses. I also love foot worship while my guy is kneeling.

What is your earliest memory of enjoying the feeling of being stronger or bigger than a boy? how was it?
I was in a park with some friends and the guys did pull ups while the girls were lying in the sun. I was bored so I said I wanted to participate, and I won! It was an incredible feeling to feel better and stronger than them!

Have you ever dominated a guy in a relationship?
I have a very strong character and like making decisions so my partner must be rather docile… or he will become docile fast!

Do you enjoy the feeling when guys are impressed by your muscles?
I live in Italy, where muscular women are rare, so course everybody looks at me and usually they are impressed by my muscles. I look at their faces and I smile at them. I enjoy seeing how they’ve never seen someone like me before. Once, in a mall, a guy spotted me and told his friends to check me out. While walking he continued to stare back at me and ended up running against a wall!
When they feel afraid I enjoy showing them my bicep and looking at them angrily (I can do that very well).

Do you like to be worshipped? how?
I love to be worshipped. I spent a lot of years and made a lot of sacrifices to build my body. Worship is my reward. I love when I meet a man and I’m dressed and then I strip to my bikini. I love to see his face change and see how amazed he is. I love to show my ripped arms and legs and let men feel how hard they are.

If a submissive man would like to date you, how would he best go about it?
He must be able to surprise me with something special, I hate triviality.

If you were really angry with a guy, and supposing you would take him on physically, what exactly would you do?
I’d lift him by his shirt, and then put him down and would punch and kick without stopping. I might also squeeze his throat and finish with a ball busting!

height 160 cm 
weight 68 kg 
biceps 39 cm 
thighs 59 cm 
age 51

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