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After a smoking hot trio session, where our hero Jack is shown all corners of the room by the bodybuilding sisters Mey and Lynn, we see the gigantic Lynn commute to her new job. Everyone is just staring at her and compared to this musclegoddess, they are all tiny...

Once at the job, Lynn is in for a surprise, because her responsibilities are not exactly what she'd expected. To be blunt, her boss is a downright asshole - he says so himself. But as the job could be springboard to something better, Lynn decides to stick with it and just swallows the humiliation and the sexism.

Until... she doesn't. 

This hot episode of the Muscle Bombshell series can perfectly be read on its own. It contains an incredibly hot NSFW scene with the two girls dwarfing their little boyfriend, facesitting, amazing comparisons in different settings, a feat of strength, lapsitting (but not the kind you're used to), as well as domination, humiliation, romance, and much more hotness... 

113 pages

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