New Guy in Town (Stories in Muscleville episode 14)

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Welcome to MuscleVille, a beach town where the women are pretty, strong & busty. 

'Stories in MuscleVille' is a choice-based interactive story game with multiple exciting and erotic storylines and great artwork, with elements of romance, muscle growth, comedy, domination, sex, worship, wrestling and other erotic & physical action

Stories in Muscleville is not developed by Amazonias. On check-out you will pay straight to Muscleville Games. If you have any questions, before or after purchase, please contact

This is Episode 14 of the interactive game New Guy In Town. When you purchase this episode you get access to the full game including all previous episodes

In this episode, little Theo and big Lizzie continue their fun evening in her house but things take an interesting turn when Lizzie discovers how hot she is making her little neighbour. This is by far the longest and hottest episode in the game with multiple choice options for the player and includes scenes involving multiple erotic sequences, domination, lift and carry, muscle comparison and muscle worship. 

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