Hot Summer, chapter 1


A bunch of young people are having a vacation in Florida. One of them, Gillian, is new to the company. She's an eighteen year old female bodybuilder, superathletic and strong. Things start off right away when she is being challenged to an armwrestling match with Jason. Later, the party will move to the beach, where we will see this musclegoddess in all her glory. In spite of Gillian's obviously superior physique, the two guys keep behaving like sexist machos. You can smell trouble coming from miles away...

This story is already one of my own personal favorites. I tried to create a summerish atmosphere, and mixed in the desires, hopes and fears of young people. Gillian is, I think, incredibly sexy. This first chapter builds up the tension and develops the characters, while giving us ample viewings of Gillian's incredible physique. I'm sure you'll want to join this party on the beach...

84 pages.

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