First visit to Amazonias?

Hey, welcome!

I'm James, creator of Amazonias, the place where the strong girls live. I make amazon comics, and I'd like to give you a bit of an intro on what you can find here. Basically, Amazonias comics are populated with girls who are strong, tall, muscular, beautiful and dominant. The guys, on the other hand, are usually quite puny.

My comics tell the stories of these musclegirls, and their interactions with men. Sometimes the girls behave pretty nicely, and sometimes they use their big muscles and power to devastating effect, dominating (and sometimes humiliating) everyone around them.

If this is your thing, where should you start?
First of all, you can try out the numerous free stories on this site. Some of these are stand alone short stories, some are free beginnings, some are picture sets... These free products will give you a good idea of what this site has to offer (though keep in mind that the paid products are usually a lot longer than the free stuff).