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In this episode of Kurt Logan's sexy Muscle Bombshells series, the amazing and huge black bodybuilder Mindy is once more the star. Her boyfriend Ed had previously made a fool of himself taking on the much more skilled Guy. Mindy doesn't like to see her boyfriend lose - at least not against anyone else but her. And so she's decided to teach him some wrestling moves.

The huge black musclewoman is a good teacher, but her student has more eyes for her amazing body - including her big ass - than anything else. And when he finally takes things seriously, it turns out - surprise surprise - that the weight difference is just a little bit too big.

Fortunately, when things get too hot in the room, Mindy takes off her clothes and, showing her magnificent boobs, has a different kind of session with Ed...

This hot episode of the Muscle Bombshell series can perfectly be read on its own. Apart from one of the few black heroines in Amazonias, it features amazing comparisons, lifts, a steaming hot NSFW scene, very gentle domination, romance, wrestling, toe-sucking, face sitting, and a whole lot more!

105 pages

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