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It's Jed's first day in college. He doesn't know anyone, but everyone is staring at him because he's small, looks young, and is a supernerd. He's never had a girlfriend and has put all his hopes on college for finding one. During lunchbreak, he ends up sitting across Miyun, another outcast. She's huge, but not in the classic amazonian way. 

The next day, Jed finds himself in Miyun's room for... a game of chess. Unfortunately, they are rudely interrupted by Raven and Michelle, two very fit bullies, who have made all of Miyun's high school years into a living hell. 

Jed finds himself at their mercy, and Miyun is no help... 

Revenge of the Nerds is the story of Miyun's transformation, and how little Jed will help her find a new destiny. This first episode features two gorgeous amazonian bullies, some lifting and carrying, domination and humiliation, a juicy girl-on-girl scene, comparisons, and much more. 

105 pages

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