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We're three years later. Little Nathan hasn't grown, but tall female bodybuilders Katarina and Cassie... oh boy, they have! They could each easily be Miss Olympia, while at the same time dwarfing most professional basketball players!

We revisit the trio during an outing at the beach, after what has been apparently a period of incredible female muscle growth. The musclegirls have brought Nathan with them because he's a handy servant. They ask (well, not really "ask", you know) to rub sunblock on their bodies. Oh, and tall strong Cassie also throws him a good distance into the water. When Nathan gets drinks for his two musclemistresses, he meets yet another beautiful, sexy, big-boobed female bodybuilder - who is much nicer to him than the two evil musclechicks. Could she be... his liberation? 

Incredible size and height comparisons (seems like the record for the biggest size differences has been broken again), lifts, throws and lots of other sexy stuff make this an unforgettable third installment in this great series. 

Text and story by MiniGtsLover.

111 pages.

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