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While there's also a wonderful scene of Katie, Angela and the boys, as well as a very sexy scene with just Katie and Nathan, this episode of Katie is all about Susan, Katie's mom who went to live apart from her husband about a year and a half ago. Now she's back, following Angela as Hank's new mistress. And she needs to get her little husband in line.

You'll be amazed at how big she's gotten under Katie's coaching, and how confident she has become thanks to Angela's tutelage. She's sexy beyond belief, and Hank is in for... well, I'm not sure what he's in for. Heaven or hell, who will tell?

This chapter has great comparison shots, wrestling holds (including scissors), big boobs, lapsitting, an incredible aerial blow job, lifts, musclebeauty, and much more...

104 pages

Katie is the epic story of a young girl discovering that she loves muscles, strength, and power. She experiences the antagonism of her dad, she finds love in the person of small Nathan, and friendship with fellow bodybuilding giantess Angela.

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