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Being an extremely tall, built and busty girl, the sexy female bodybuilder Sara hasn't had much luck dating. Previously very shy but today quite confident, she's dealt with men fleeing away as well as with machos trying to outdo her. 

Sara goes for what she likes, but she's got quite her routine in testing men for suitableness. At first sight, John, a newbie to the gym, seems to check the boxes. Having seen him gawk at her, Sara approaches him, curious to see if they'll hit it off.

After a workout in the gym, Sara gives John a full body wrestling workout, and much more follows, to the delight of both the big amazon woman and her blonde toy boy.

This comic is great for fans of gentle giantess like Sara. It contains big height disparities and comparisons, big boobs, lifting, workouts, lapsitting, wrestling, bear hugs, overhead lifts, facesitting, and much more. 

110 pages

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