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After she has grown into a huge musclewoman, we find Mark worshipping his girlfriend Belynda (he has no choice). But just when Mark gets a tiny bit used to her new size, she grows again!

That doesn't just happen once, but twice, and each time the difference between Mark and Belynda increases, with Mark finding out at some point that he is shorter than Belynda's legs!

The huge bodybuilder picks up her boyfriend and then takes him to the bathroom, where everything - the toilet, the shower... - seems tiny to her now. The massage table will still serve, and Belynda tells Mark to give her a massage. That doesn't entirely work out though...


This is a female muscle growth comic featuring the beautiful heroine Belynda and, of course, great growth scenes, superhot comparisons, big boobs, feats of strength, lift and carry, and much more.

108 pages

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