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Caitlyn, one of the sexiest female bodybuilders in Amazonias, takes care of her dad, who, as you may remember from chapter 9, walked into her room catching his daughter in the act of dominating his son and his friend.

After Caitlyn is finished with Daddy and has convinced him to honor one big request, we jump three months in time and... Caitlyn is suddenly quite a big bigger again. We find the threesome in a new house, one early morning.

Upon waking up, Caitlyn demonstrates how she starts her days with her little slaves, engaging them in all kinds of games of strength and comparison.

This comic features incredible comparisons (of whole bodies, but also of hands, feet and biceps), domination and humiliation, big boobs, flexing, a throatlift, an overhead lift,  amazing poses, and so much more.... 

Like for last episode, a warning: Caitlyn gets a still more intimate with her brother (though she never goes all the way). If that's triggering to you, stay away from this comic.

For this episode size erotica writer Joyce Julep wrote the text! 

98 pages

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