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When photographer Steve is tasked to shoot pictures at an MMA match with "Cindy the Colossus", he can't believe his eyes. This young female bodybuilder and fighter is more than eleven feet tall, and Steve is fascinated right away, asking Cindy for an interview.

During the interview, gigantic Cindy and average Steve get to know each other better. They compare sizes, and Cindy introduces Steve to her personal gym, where the weights and machines are customized to fit her incredible figure.

Steve and Cindy will get more familiar still and see their warmth for each other grow when they meet again, after Cindy has read Steve's raving interview. They play in bed, in the pool and on the mat, and being with this incredible goddess is just like being in heaven for Steve.

This comic by Indoraemon features a beautiful 11" 2' mini-giantess who is playfully sweet and who lifts Steve in all possible ways. There's a lot of cuddling, snuggling up and lapsitting, there are comparisons, some playful humiliation and everything a gentle giantess fan could wish for!

106 pages

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