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Bakhar's revenge is my first comic based on a real life musclegirl Bakhar Nabieva, a 22 year old gild with huge legs and a beautiful face. It's a story of (natural) musclegrowth: we meet Bakhar when she is young, small and weak, and bullied by two mean girls at school. At the end of that year, however, she leaves for two years to the USA, to be a foreign exchange student. Linda, the woman of the couple that hosts her, has her own gym and is a bit of an workout-addict (she actually seems to be dominating her smaller husband too). Linda introduces Bakhar to muscle and strength building, and even finds a private martial arts tutor for her. Bakhar hits the weights, develops a passion for sports in general, grows and... goes back to her home country after two years to finally stand up to the bullies...

This story is a bit different from my other stories in that the heroine doesn't grow quite as big as the other ones. Still, I think you'll enjoy!

143 pages!

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