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Beautiful Ashley Lane, in her final year of high school, is a incredibly muscular giantess, sporting incredible biceps, a tremendous eightpack and treetrunk legs. One day, Ashley gets in trouble with three guys at school. After punishing them, she is at risk of being expelled, so she goes looking for ways to set things right. You'll see her pump, lift and flex. You'll watch how she intimidates, beats, squeezes and humiliates her male classmates. Yummy muscles all around!

In a fight, Ashley, our 6'10'' musclebound amazon girl, ended up hurting three star basketball players at school. The basketball coach didn't take this lightly, and Ashley risked being sent from school. After an attempt to persuade them by force failed, Ashley will now use other weapons to make the boys change their mind... You'll see her lifting and flexing her humongous and extremely striated muscles, lifting the boys, and toying around with them.A must see for fans of really big girls!

Later, strong, buff Ashley sunbathes in her garden as her fragile older brother mows the lawn. We go over the years of her transformation from a little thirteen year old girl who got bullied by her older brother to her emergence as a strong, buff sixteen year old teen who beats the crap out of her bully brother and dominates him like a pet dog in the park. 

In a final part, the incredibly buff college student is bigger and meaner than ever. This part begins with a violent confrontation between Ashley and Barry, her brother's bully. In the second part, we see Ashley being confronted by the schoolboard. When the board decides on Ashley's fate, the big girl and the equally big Amanda set out to punish the board trustees, and call the school's students together in the gymnasium for a show they'll never forget!

This is the only hand-illustrated comic on Amazonias. As such, it is unlike all the other comics on the site. The art is by Alpha Dawg, the story is by Remo.

This story was originally published as a series of four episodes, all of which have been combined in this product.

215 pages

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