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Katie is the biggest - and in my view best - series on amazonias.net. I started this series somewhere in 2016 and finished it early 2019, by which time it counted 28 episodes, and over 3000 pages!

This "Taste of Katie" allows you to sample a bit of the whole series, without giving too much away of the plot developments. It contains one or more pictures from every episode of the entire series, with the original text. You'll get introduced to some of the characters, relationships and themes in the comic. I hope you enjoy it!

Note that throughout the years of working on this series, my skills in making these pictures improved. hence, the later in the series, the better the quality...

Also included are some previously unpublished bonus pictures.

Check the entire Katie Collection here.


Katie is the epic story of a young girl discovering that she loves muscles, strength, and power. She experiences the antagonism of her dad, she finds love in the person of small Nathan, and friendship with fellow bodybuilding giantess Angela.


54 pages

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