This is a text story I (JS) wrote :)

Gretchen was sitting on the bed. It was late afternoon. The windows of her room on the 17th floor of Mandarin hotel gave her a wonderful view over Singapore. Gretchen was dressed with a black, white rimmed tank top and red boxer shorts. At her feet was a big dumbell she had just been using for bicep curls.

Gretchen was a bodybuilder. She was 25 years old and had started working out at 16. Almost ten years of working out four times a week had resulted in one powerhouse of a body - a body which she loved, though most guys would think she was too muscular. But who gave a fuck what they thought. That was always Gretchen’s unspoken reaction. She wouldn’t be with a guy who didn’t appreciate her muscles anyway. And besides, she was stronger than any of those narrow-minded idiots.

That’s what counted: strength and muscles. Nothing much else mattered. Bodybuilding was what Gretchen lived for. Still sitting on the bed, she stretched her right leg, toes bent inward, and looked at the shape of her big calves, and above that, huge thighs with big quads on it.

She flexed and unflexed the calves, then the thighs. Her legs looked like treetrunks, and were just as strong, though they could potentially be quite a bit bigger than they were. She had stopped excercising and building them too much since some time. As she had grown during the years, she had been forced to discard piece after piece of clothing. Right now, she had a couple of pants she really liked, and so avoided to grow in her legs - something which otherwise would be quite easy to do. Even though the constatation that a pair of jeans didn’t fit anymore because she had outgrown it always gave her a feeling of achievement, she just coudn’t afford buying a lot of new clothes every six months or so.

Gretchen beat her thigh with her fist a couple of times and was satisfied with its hardness. Then she stroked the quadriceps muscle, and moved her hand up, up, over her abs. There was a solid, rock hard six pack that she was quite proud of.

She traced her finger further up, let it go over her firm right breast, and then felt the pecs above it. They were solid. She let them dance, first left, then right, and thought again how amazing it was that she could move muscles that most men hardly had at all.

When her finger went over her shoulder and she felt again how big it was, a soft moan of excitement escaped Gretchen’s lips. She often got a tiny bit excited when looking at or touching her own muscles. How could she not: they were so big and so strong, and that was arousing.

But it was of course her biceps that were her pride. At 42 cm, she outmuscled most men. She traced the big vein that ran across her right bicep and moaned again. Her guns were pumped, and also the rest of her body was in great shape. She had just spent three hours in the hotel gym (that was in addition to her morning workout, where she had done pushups, pullups and situps - more than most men could ever hope to do). Today - right now! - she wanted to be at her biggest, because Eddie was going to arrive any moment now.

He was travelling for work in Singapore, and he and Gretchen had agreed that she would take a flight there and check in in a hotel on the night he would arrive.

Any moment now…

Gretchen was a bit nervous. She got up and walked to the bathroom. In front of the big mirror, she hit a double biceps pose and pouted with her mouth. Yes, it looked good. She hoped Eddie would think she was big enough.

They had never seen each other but had met on Facebook a few months ago. Eddie clearly was obsessed with strong, muscular women, spending all his days drawing them. It was his drawings that Gretchen had discovered. They had found out that they liked the same things - or rather, opposite things. Eddie loved to be small and weak, Gretchen loved being strong and muscular. Gretchen was a bit taller and heavier than Eddie, and both of them loved that. Gretchen’s muscles were of course a lot bigger than Eddie’s. His biceps were only 31cm and Gretchen had asked him “why he was so small” - something which had turned Eddie on a lot.

Oh Eddie… she thought. Finally a man who could appreciate her muscles and strength. As they had talked, the two had discovered that they were incredibly compatible in terms of their desires. Eddie wanted to be lifted, wanted to feel small and helpless, wanted to submit to Gretchen and maybe at times even dominated and a bit hurt by her. It was all music to Gretchen’s ears. She got hot everytime she thought about all this. All that Eddie wanted, she wanted too. She would show him who was the boss. She would OVERPOWER him...

She checked the time on her phone: almost four - which was the time Eddie had estimated he would be here. His plane should have landed at 2.45 and taking into account checkout, baggage and the taxi to the hotel... God, the tension was almost unbearable. Gretchen thought about how first dates like these must be for other women. They might have the additional problem that they could actually be fearing that the guy they would meet was - in spite of appropriate and normal behavior online - actually a madman or a freak who might hurt them. That wasn't a concern to Gretchen, who was strong enough to take on two guys.

Still, she remained nervous. Did feeling in love online, on facebook, translate to being in love when you met? Maybe in real life she would be entirely turned off by Eddie? Or he of her... And how would they greet each other? With a kiss? A hug?

It turned out all her worries were for nothing. Fifteen minutes later, there was a knock on the door. It couldn't be Eddie because he would need a keycard to get up to her floor, and he didn't have one. She got up and walked to the door, and opened it.

It was Eddie. Small, lovely Eddie, and instantly she saw that everything was all right. He was dressed in jeans and a tshirt, a suitcase standing right next to him.

"Hi Gretchen," he said. There was a big smile on his face. She believed he liked what he was seeing.

"Eddie! Oh Eddie! Finally! Come in!"

She closed the door behind him, they turned towards each other and hugged. It was all very smooth and spontaneous.

"Did you have a good trip?" Gretchen asked after they had let go of each other.

"It was quite ok," Eddie said, looking at her, his mouth open.

Then there was silence for one second.

"Eddie...," Gretchen said. And then, she gently put her hands on Eddie's shoulders, moved Eddie sidewards, and bent down. She put her right arm under Eddie's butt, and lifted him like that, using just one arm. She saw Eddie swallow and guessed it was from excitement.

"Let me take care of you, my little one," she said. "You're very light, by the way."

"Oh man, this is... wonderful," Eddie said.

"Bring your leg up," Gretchen said.

Eddie did so, and Gretchen untied his shoe and threw it on the floor. Then she took of his sock. Eddie spontaneously brought up his other leg and Gretchen repeated.

"How do you like being carried, Eddie? Is it like you fantasised?" During their Facebook chats, Eddie had mentioned his desire to be lifted and carried by his strong Gretchen a lot. She knew he loved to be lifted in all kinds of ways, and the more these lifts testified to Gretchen's power, the better he liked it, he had said. That was quite alright of course for the bodybuilder, who just loved to show off her strength. She had thought a one arm lift was a good start.

"It's even better," Eddie said. Gretchen was happy to notice that his voice was not entirely steady. He was visibly impressed. She loved it.

She walked to the window with Eddie on her one arm

"You like the view honey?" she asked. It was indeed a beautiful view. The room was luxurious and expensive, but they had thought a nice room was only fitting for their first encounter.

"Eh, sure," Eddie said, not looking outside at all but looking somewhere in the direction of her left bicep.

Gretchen was amazed at how comfortable all this felt. They had seen each other for five minutes, and here was already lifting the little boy as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Well, maybe it was the most natural thing in the world. At least to them: a small man who loved big girls, and a big girl who loved small, weak men. What, indeed, could be more natural for them than what they were doing right now?

Gretchen already could feel the power and was enjoying it immensely. She enjoyed the amazed and aroused expression on Eddie's face, his glances at her bicep and chest, and his feet dangling in the air.

"Let's take a walk," Gretchen said. Without effort she walked the distance to the big bathroom, and faced the huge mirror that was there.

"Look at us, Eddie", she said. It did come out as an order.

Eddie looked in the mirror and moaned with excitement. Then big Gretchen's hand went to the bottom of Eddie's t-shirt. She pulled it up and up, over his head and then dropped it on the floor.

"Let's see my Eddie's little body," she said. "Look."

As Eddie looked in the mirror, Gretchen flexed her left bicep and a little cry escaped Eddie's mouth.

"Oh my god," he said. "Oh my god Gretchen! Is it..."

"Yes," Gretchen said. "Like I promised you. 42 cm." She had told Eddie that by the time they would meet, this would be the size of her bicep.

"You did it... just like you wanted." Eddie clearly wanted to touch the bicep, but was holding back. Gretchen liked that. She wanted to give permission first, but she'd let him sweat just a tiny bit before she would.

"All for you baby. Bicep workouts every day for the last six months."

"42 cm is over 16 inches right?

"That sounds right," Gretchen said.

"Oh, you’re so big. There’s hardly any women on the planet bigger than you," Eddie said.

"You got that right. And not many men are as small as my Eddie. I'm 80 kg now. What are you honey?"

"I'm 62 kg."

"Mmmmmmmm. With 32 cm biceps still"

"31, actually."

"Oh baby. My weak, small, baby. Touch it now."

Eddie put his hand on Gretchen's left bicep and gasped again. Under his hand, Gretchen flexed and unflexed the big muscle. Here, finally, was a man - or maybe, in spite of his age, "boy" was a better word for the little creature - who appreciated Gretchen's physique and her power. No, appreciated was not the right word.

From the online conversations, Gretchen knew that he adored it. Was obsessed with it. Worshipped it. That was the guy she always had dreamed of. Someone who knew what it took to build a body like this, and who wanted to submit to it. Someone she could overpower and smother and, if they both wanted, crush with her muscles. Ooooooh

Gretchen felt herself getting wet from just thinking these things.

"This is just incredible," Eddie said. "So beautiful, I can't... can't... oh my god..."

“I know you have now words my little Eddie. You’ve been waiting for this moment all your life. Just enjoy it. No need to say something. Just keep touching, admiring, worshipping…”

“Oh yes…”

Eddie then flexed his left bicep, held is as close as possible to Gretchen’s, and looked at her. Gretchen didn’t need any words from him to know what he wanted. She would give it to him…

“Oh my baby,” she said, “My poor baby. You want to compare? You want to compare your arm to the arm of a girl who has been training five days a week for the last nine years? You want to see how much smaller and weaker you are then me?”

“Oh yes… yes…” Eddie’s eyes were pleading, he seemed to be almost crying with excitement.

“31 cm versus 42, baby,” Gretchen said in a seductive voice. “That means my bicep is thirty percent bigger than yours.” She smiled. “But let me tell you a secret.” And then she easily moved the boy a bit closer to her, so that his ear was close to her mouth.

“30 percent bigger, but at least 200 percent as strong,” she whispered in Eddie’s ear.

This time Eddie moaned as if he was going to come then and there. Gretchen had to laugh.

“Does it turn you on, baby? Does it turn you on when I talk to you like this? When I tell you how much bigger and stronger I am than you?”

“Ye-ees,” Eddie whimpered. He seemed completely out of control, mad with desire for her muscles. Gretchen loved it.

Gretchen walked back to the main room, still carrying Eddie on one arm. Then she put him on the side of the bed, so that he was sitting on it. Next, she stepped back, and flexed for him.

“Let’s play,” she said.

to be continued

This is a guestpost by The Schmoe
Okay, so I've given you a little insight into what got me into muscle worship. Also, I gave what is hopefully  a sympathetic portrayal of what men like me need to understand and respect about the women that drive us so wild. However for every ying there is a yang and here are some things I ask muscle women to try to understand about schmoes.

1. Just because you turn us on doesn't make us deviants. Yes, we look at images of you online. Yes those images usually make us sexually aroused and yes, this often means that one of our hands is occupied while looking at those images/videos. However all beings are sexual, we all fantasise about someone and those of us not in relationships have no other means to satisfy those desires. It doesn't mean we are perverts or deviants, it just means there is life in the old dog yet.
2. You are not the only type of women we find attractive. Yes we dig your muscles, yes muscular females are our ultimate fantasies, but very few women look like you, so don't think that when you're not around or when we're not viewing muscle sites that we're not experiencing sexual attraction. I love women. A lot. All shapes and sizes turn me on. I work at a public desk, if I don't see at least 5-10 customers every day that I find sexually attractive, I consider it a very bad day at the office (literally.) Just because I happen to be crap with women, doesn't mean I'm not interested in them. Yes it is a very big bonus for me if a woman can throw me around like a little rag doll and or has biceps that could open a pickle jar. However, that is not a prerequisite for turning me on. I'm sure other schmoes are similar. Although I do know anecdotally that there are some schmoes who ONLY find muscular women attractive.
3. We have lives too. I am not going to lie. I spend a lot of my spare time on female muscle websites. However, for 37 hours of the week, I am at work. I also study part time. I already have a masters' degree, I run half marathons occasionally, I'm involved in extra curricular activites, I have a social life. I have many other strings to my bow. So please don't dismiss me or other schmoes as 'just' schmoes.
4. Schmoes (most of us anyway) are good people. I'm Irish and was raised in a traditional Irish catholic family. (I'm very much a secular atheist these days.) I was taught to respect people, to take people as I find them, to never disrespect or humiliate people. Human rights, labour rights, dignity and compassion are central tenets of my value system. Just because you turn me on and I might have what the church I was born into may call 'impure thoughts' about you on a regular basis, does not mean I don't value and respect you intrinsically as a human being. I have done a lot of charity work both at home and abroad. I have worked with the homeless, with kids with special needs and am very active in suicide prevention and mental health. I don't expect a pat on the back for any of this, I am merely using these things to illustrate that if you think those of us who worship female muscles have nothing in our lives more noble and fulfilling than choking the chicken while oggling your granite like physiques, think again. I'm sure some schmoes are arseholes, but my experience of those I have encountered online is very much that of ordinary decent men (many family men) who live normal lives and do the best they can for those around us. Now none of us expect you to become ouf bffs, but  I'm just saying that if you were to look past the stereotypes and take us as we are, you might be pleasantly surprised :)


Original source

After five chapters, I have spun a preliminary end to Farm Girl Muscle. You can find the last chapter here: from the final chapter of Farm Girl Muscle:
(and find free previews on my deviantart profile here). Maybe some of you have noticed that even when i close a series, i always leave the door open to a sequel. I imagine it's like writing for a tv-series: you are never sure it will be canceled or go on, so you have to be able to go either way.
In any case, I enjoyed the ride with big strong muscular Emily, who is one of my favorite heroines. I like her face and the glow of her skin. I also like her character, and the development of it within the story, going from a shy musclegirl to a much more self assured woman, discovering her own sexuality and getting incredibly turned on by dominating little Robert.
I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed creating it :-)

I just published the girl next door.

Jasmin, the junior olympic weighlifting champion and meets Stephen's father, who wants his son to come home to finish his work for school. Jasmin doesn't like this interruption and taunts the man untill he enters her backyard. She soon starts to dominate and humiliate him, lifting him in different positions. Then she decides to quiz him, the way he quizzes his son.

A wonderful backyard neighborhood setting, great renders, a tall, sexy young musclegirl... All the ingredients for another tintillating story from Amazonias...

The story turned out longer than I expected, but I'm very happy with the result. Jasmin is I think very sexy, I love her veins, and I also love the lighting in this story. Jasmin acts somewhat like a protector of Stephen, by punishing his father.


I guess I like this story, because I finished two chapters of it in a row. Normally I switch between stories and work on something else after each chapter I finished, but not this time. I guess I'm in love with Emily, the magnificently muscular yet rather shy giantess...

So here you can see it:

Robert, our little hero, has conspired with Sarah: Robert will be Sarah's birthday present to her huge, muscular sister Emily. After a nice suprise dinner for Emily, Robert and Sarah have planned a camping night for her. Robert and Emily get to know each other a little bit, and there is the first confrontation with Emily's strength, power and awesome musclemass.

Sarah, just turned eighteen, is one of the sexiest characters I have yet created. She's tall, has huge, bulging muscles, and, uncharacteristically for an Amazonias girl, is rather shy.

PDF of 97 pages

To celebrate the American Independence Day, you get 40% off on the three newest stories till Sunday!

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I think you can imagine that producing these comics (I do both the scenario and the artwork, as well as the site and the "marketing") is a lot of work. I can only produce a few stories or chapters per month. Still, I want to give amazon fans a regular supply of amazon muscle action. So I thought it's a good idea to start offering work by other artists too. By opening my shop to other artists I may also, as an added benefit, give them a chance to make some money, which as you can imagine is not necessarily easy within this small niche of afficionados.

The first paid story by someone else is Michelle's Passage, by Rainbowscriber. The content is different from my own work. There is no domination/humiliation or growth in this story. It is both an adventure and a romantic tale about the future of the human race. Actually, it's an entire illustrated novel. The illustrations are top quality renders, so I think this product is good value for money (at least if you don't require domination and can appreciate also a good story and prose, next to awesome pictures). 

Here's some more info on Michelle's Passage

When the beautiful blonde muscle girl knocked on his studio door, Martin was catapulted into an adventure that he could never have dreamt of in his wildest fantasies. But Michelle was just such a girl, one that made fantasies come true…

Devastatingly beautiful, sensual, feminine, and built like an Olympian goddess, she reveals her life-story to this ordinary guy who opens up his ears and his heart for her.

Michelle’s Passage is a journey through the life and mind of a muscular girl with a very deep secret and a tragic past, a journey through hardship, struggle, sexual discovery and the search for happiness, love and freedom.

Michelle's passage is produced by guest artist Rainbowscriber,

PDF, 309 pages
More than a 100 illustrations


Some comments on Deviant Art:

"ABS---SO---LUTE---LY    BREATH-TAKING..... .....Can't wait to see Chapter 10 and the enhanced drawings.....WOW!      Thank you, Michelle! "

"Outstanding work! This really shows your creativity and skill in physique artistry! Very well done! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest."

"Rainbowsciber, I just love your Michelle's passage novel story arc of yours and enjoy each and every chapter of it so far. You're indeed one of my most favorite artists on DEV WATCH! Keep up the great work and Godspeed all the way!"

"I'm on the Edge of my Chair, Michelle!   Michelle in the story is starting to look Really Amazing.....[as if she wasn't Already!].....the artwork is Enticing  .....What a Sexy Girl, she is!!   Thank you for the update!!"

"What an epic read! I started and kept going and going. Thank you too!!"

"I read a while ago till about chapter 7 and then went on a binge reading round last night and caught up to this point. It all started with "lemme just read one chapter...." followed by me being glued in place through the rest that followed heh"

"I can't wait to read the next Chapter where she is reunited with her Sister!!!!"

"Thanks for such a great story!!!.....Sad that we won't be seeing Michelle and Martin any more  [unless you have further ideas?]  At any rate, I like most all the work you do, and I'm sure that you will keep all us readers/fans excited for some time to come!!!" 

"Oh this is incredible!  I love to see her big arm around the skinny bitch!"

"At first, I had only looked at your drawings and not the story[a lot of artists have great art but the stories lack depth]   so I didn't give yours much attention.....THEN, after reading thru your philosophy, blog and website, I decided a closer look was necessary.........and to my amazement I read the beginning where Martin is lying in bed with our heroine, musing over her beauty and how his thoughts of being in the presence of a Goddess.........WOW....I practically read the 8 chapters in ONE SITTING!!!    I love your narrative style from Martin's point of view.....I immediately identified with his love of the female form and falling for the person inside, as I said before, I couldn't put aside my reading and Had to find out what happened next............Michelle, I am anticipating the next chapters "with bated breath" and, of course, the accompanying artwork.............Oh, and BTW, checked out your photos..........I'm sure which ones are you, and you are a HOTTIE!!!           THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!"

"I'm hangin' on for dear life, I'm SOOOO anxious to see if Michelle "develops"  like Martin has lead us to believe!"

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Mark is boxing late one night, in an otherwise empty gym. Or so he thought, because suddenly, there is someone behind him: a big, tall, beautiful young girl. She wants to make friends, and is rather direct. Mark thinks about his wife and tries to push her away... Hot, big female muscle, strength and beauty, as usual in this amazon story.